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First up...

Hey guys, welcome to the community! I couldn't find one that suited my particular interest of international volunteering, so i decided to create my own :) I just graduated from high school and have hopes of volunteering in Romania someday. It'd be nice to talk to someone who has actually helped outside the country, or even to somebody who has similar aspirations to mine. So join, post, and let's get this community rolling...
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Freaky, you sound just like me. I'm in college right not working on my AA in business or social science, undecided. I hope to one day volunteer in Romania, like yourself.
yeah a comment :P where do you go to school? I'm a freshman at boston college. I've wanted to go to Romania since seeing a 20/20 program on the lives of the orphans in 2001; my family thinks its a bit of a random goal, but it's something i definitely want to do.
hey guys,
i too, have long had the desire to help the orphans in romania. i saw another documentary on tv when i was in high school about a girl who helped street children there, and then i read a book called "The Strength of Mercy" that is a true story about a girl who went to romanina when she was 18 right after the fall of communism to help the orphans. her and her parents ended up starting an adoption agency and she now runs an orphanage there with her husband called "Hannah's Hope".

something really exciting is that i am graduating college in april and then leaving for romania in september!! i'll be there for 4 months interning with a mission organization called "children to love international" i am so excited! check it out at