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Thursday, October 12th, 2006
1:18 pm
Uganda's Calling!
Answer the call.

Sorry if this is not allowed in the community, I can remove it if asked - but I thought some of you might be interested in this new group!

I'm a board member of ugandacalling, and we exist to raise awareness of and work for the end of the civil war in Northern Uganda, which has victimized many innocent civilians, particularly children, and left many homeless and desperately poor. We're trying to provide resources for local groups working on this issue - collecting petitions for groups to circulate, providing ideas for fundraisers for worthy projects, posting news articles and bulletins about Uganda, and letting activists and interested people get together to learn more and network with each other.

And we still need lots of people to help us carry on all these functions and get us off the ground as a nonprofit -as well as community leaders who'd like to start something for Uganda! We especially welcome international members, particularly people from Uganda (and we have at least a few already).

If you're interested in learning more or helping out, please check out the community - everyone's very nice and positive, we'd love to see you!
Sunday, September 24th, 2006
4:32 am
He really needs help
A friend from Uganda, sent me this to my email and is really looking help and pliz if there is anyone there, who can help him out because at the moment, i have posted

My name is Kenneth Asaba, a male, Christain by faith, Ugandan ,aged 24 years, I grew up in a small village called Kyebando in Kampala district with my father and mother, one brother and three sisters.
Regarding my education background,
i went to Glory primary school where i completed my primary leaving examinamination in 1999 attaining grade A. there after , i joined Kawempe Colege school until 2002 when i completed my ordinary level examinations which i also passed with a third grade.
unfortuately toward the end of 1996, i lost my dad due HIV/AIDs who was the major bread winner of the family. Because our mother was just a house wife and had nothing like source of income, the family was forced to go to the village moving out of town because life wasn't good for the all family and it was too expensive to leave in town, so we decided to join our grand parents in the village and none of us was able to continue with studies. this was very sad news for me because i had always dreamt of being a very improtant person in my country' capital city(kampala) after my studies.

however, my brother persisted and stayed in Kampala with me where we used to do some casual jobs like slashing compounds, offering support roles at building structures as a "porter" for our survival.

in the year 2000, i started voluntary work in my home village where i used to do counseling services to my fellow youth who had been either infected or affected by the HIV/AIDS scourge since i had passed through some of these challenges.

it was not until April 2004 when the local leaders in my home village recommended me to join Net2work (ICT project)eAcademy, where i was interviewed and there after offered a place at the centre. i then enrolled for a certificate in basic office computing for three months, which i was able to pass successfully attaining grad A. Thanks for the arrival of net2work in Uganda.
My academic Ambitions
I wish to enroll for an advanced qualification in information Technology out here or in your country, but i do not have funds to support me, however jobs in my country in IT require someone with a degree/ diploma not a certificate only, out of which i expect to acquire skills to support other marginalised groups in my home country, however also to improve my livelihood as well as support my family.

Since i really like this with all my heart, i have tried to look out for some cheap unversites over here that can help me and with affordable tutition, i found out APTECH COMPUTER EDUCATIONAL CENTRE because it is the leading computer training school in Uganda and it is strategically positioned in terms of transport and location for me, further still, it has quite a reasonable number of computers, which can accommodate all the students for purposes of both study and practices.

I really pray for this great opporuntiy in my life one day, infact i prayer for anyone who will ever be touch by my request may the almight God bless him/her abandantly,h/her family and nation,

i will be very grateful when my request is put in your kind consideration for your help, bit small or big i will always appreciate that for my better standard with prays and blessings accompanied with it,

I remain yours sincerely

Asaba Kenneth
Wednesday, June 21st, 2006
12:10 pm
Hi everyone,

I've been a member for a few months now, but haven't posted yet. I'm a 23-year-old female from Arkansas.

I'm planning to go to Santiago, Chile from August of this year through next May. I'll be volunteering in an orphanage for that time, but I plan to travel a bit on weekends. Then, after my volunteer commitment is up, my boyfriend will meet up with me and we'll travel around South America for two months.

I already have living arrangements in Santiago, but I will be responsible for buying my own food. Any idea how much I should allot per week/month for eating?

I plan to travel to Bolivia and Argentina as well. How much should I plan on spending? Does anyone have experience with busses/ trains/ whatever to get between these countries? How much do they cost? Any sights I shouldn't miss?

For my eight-month trip, I have about $4000 to spend, not including housing, which I'll pay separately. Do you think this is enough to live reasonably comfortably, with the ability to go out and take up opportunities as they come?

I've been all over Europe and Israel, but this will be my first time in South America. I need your advice! Thanks so much!

(x-posted a bit)
Monday, December 27th, 2004
11:44 am
Trip to Africa
I have been slowly looking into a volunteer trip to work with earthwatch next year, I just got their catalog so I have just started. If anyone has gone on a trip with them or has any helpful info on volunteering in Africa, that would be great!

Current Mood: awake
Sunday, November 28th, 2004
4:51 pm
hello everyone, i am currently looking for a travel mate, i am planning a trip to south africa, tanzania, and kenya. i am considering volunteer work and expedition work, otherwise a free spirit traveling. if you have any suggestions on travelling in south east africa or know of anyone looking for a travel mate, let me know.. cheers, cj

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Friday, July 16th, 2004
1:17 am
First up...
Hey guys, welcome to the community! I couldn't find one that suited my particular interest of international volunteering, so i decided to create my own :) I just graduated from high school and have hopes of volunteering in Romania someday. It'd be nice to talk to someone who has actually helped outside the country, or even to somebody who has similar aspirations to mine. So join, post, and let's get this community rolling...
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